Thursday, November 1, 2012

PinterTest Kitchen: Fall Edition

Hey Peeps

Its already 10:45 and I still have yet to take a shower

catch up on my bible study for tonight

and pay the bills

so this is going to be short and sweet


you see, Pumpkin treats are only allowed in our house between the months of Sept thru Nov

I've already made Pumpkin bread and

Pumpkin cream cheese bread multiple times

and made my very first Pumpkin cookies

Thank you Pinterest! Recipe found here

Make 'em. And enjoy 'em!

I've also been dying to make an apple crisp


Find the recipe here

I ended up over-cooking mine, so the apples were more like applesauce

but if my over-cooked apple crisp tasted that good, I can't even imagine how amazing it normally tastes

i like it hot, Jason ate it cold

Its. That. Good.

Happy Fall. Happy November. Happy Pinning!

Linking up with Jessica


I stink at time management

lets just get that out of the way right now

this whole work thing has completely messed up my skills at keeping a home

and a blog

and a shower

and cleaning the bathroom

the list just goes on and on

but I'm determined to make that change

which pretty much means I'm begging the Lord help fix this conundrum and turn me into

one of the fairies from Sleeping Beauty

so let me just give you a quick recap of the last couple weeks

First of all, it rains here

like every day

this shot taken just before the downpour

we'll get dry moments, but goodbye sun, see you next May!

Rain boots are worn daily

and Pumpkin patches are not as fun in the rain and mud

for little girls who don't like getting their pants dirty

however they're a blast

for little girls who love the dirt

and puddles

and mud

I didn't have to work Monday evening, so Pumpkin carving was a must

shirts became optional for one individual

Aidan decided on a costume change the day before Halloween

so a Target run was necessary

our mission was a cowgirl hat

we came home with this pink giant

and it remains glued to her head

its also created an infinite amount of fights between the girls

I'm terrified I may have to go get another one to keep the peace

I made these to get in the Holiday spirit

and cope with the idea of having to buy another sombrero 

No Pinterest recipe followed, but Pinterest worthy in my opinion

2 Tbsp of butter

1 bag of mini marshmallows

4 cups of honeynut cherrios

1 1/2 cups of honey bunches of oats

chocolate sprinkles

and orange sugar sprinkles

melt the butter in a ban on low

add the mini marshmallows and melt down

take of the heat

add your cereal

set in a 9x13 dish

top with sprinkles

and cool

then don't share, like me

or share, either way

The school we live at had a special Halloween event for the kids

Its called Halls-O-Ween, starting with some fun activities, and ending with trick-or-treating at the dorms

The Cowgirl and the Baker made their appearance

and met up with some friends

Halls-O-Ween officially opened

and the girls were off

Aidan took the initiative to show the little ones how it worked

Haley quickly caught on, but became confused between saying

Trick or Treat or Happy Halloween

she eventually decided on just opening her bag and saying


which scored her some pretty big candy

Well done, my child.

Granny invited Aidan into her room to show off her lasso

Aidan was way more interested in showing Granny her candy loot

Many thanks to all the staff and students who helped make my kids first

 Halloween in Oregon super fun, and our candy bowl the fullest its every been!