Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In a dark room

Im sitting in a dark room right now

This has become a bit of a routine lately

You see, the little one has a weird obsession with hair

Her own, and other peoples (i.e. her big sister)

She likes to play with it...and pull it

This especially becomes an issue at bedtime

Sweet-sleeping Aidan wakes up to find Haley right in her face pulling on some curls

So here i am, bedroom monitor

protecting Aidan's locks, until Haley falls asleep

And i think im going to be here for a while

Monday, June 11, 2012

hello there, world

Well, hello there world!
I know, its been a while
I can't lie
I've been in a funk lately

getting up early to blog has been a major chore

night-time blogging has gotten trumped by snuggle/movie watching time with my hubby
no apologies for that one

but here I am
its a Monday morning
Elmo is occupying Haley
LeapFrog is occupying Aidan

so here I go

we've been getting some work done around here

take a good look at Aidan's hair, because it doesn't look like that anymore

walked up the stairs to find this one day
and I almost cried

we're going David Cassidy these days

so she wears it up

Pinterest won my heart this month

trying to be more healthy,
so I bought a bunch of Tilapia at Costco
and went on a hunt for recipes

cilantro, fresh ginger, garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, white wine, and jalepeno if you like it spicy
exact measurements here


perfect summer meal!
I've made this recipe three times
used it on fish, chicken, and steak
and I'm pretty sure I'm going to spike my salad with it next

won some dangly beauties 
from this beauty
Seriously, talk about beauty on the inside and out
Read her, I know you'll be blessed!
and check out her shop

Jason got invited to speak at one of the on-campus fellowships at Cal Poly 

preaching Jesus, who is worthy of all worship and praise

Koinonia Church retreat was a blast
the girls mastered the arts of big wheeling, hoola-hooping


and hair-taming in the dry climate


Summer is definitely in full swing
its been nothing but parks, play-dates, picnics, and lemonade



And last but not least
the Lord is doing some amazing work in my life, my marriage, my family, EVERYTHING
seriously, so excited to share about it in the future
God is so faithful, and I am just so blessed to be one of His children

see you next month!