Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SnoCal 2012

Ok, i'm a little ticked off right now
my computer's running slow
as usual
my pictures are failing to upload
not usual
and Aidan has decided that she would like to be a teacher this afternoon
so she keeps interrupting with new assignments for me to complete
or checking to see if I need to go potty
 pretty cute, but she's kind of bossy too

anyway, I'll do my best to give a short recap of the holiday weekend
so here it goes

Over the last six years, every President's Day weekend our youth 
group heads up to the Pinecrest mountains for our annual SnoCal Retreat
and this year was no different

the adventure began on Saturday morning with a four hour drive up the mountains

the weather channel said there would be no snow
so i didn't bring jackets
the weather app said there would be no snow
so I didn't bring my gloves
the national weather website said that snow levels were at 0"
so I didn't bring the girl's snow suits
but when we got there, we found this

so I ran to the nearest gas station and one hundred dollars later, 
we had the minimum amount of snow gear we needed to get through the weekend

and it was pretty great

the weekend was filled with sledding
snowball fights
book clubs
board games
eating games
hunger games
bible reading
good eats 

and as quickly as it started, it ended

and then we came home
to a fridge with zero food
several loads of laundry
and two very tired children

and whole new kind of week began

the whole family woke up
put our Van's shoes on
and headed out shopping

Costco took our money
Lucky's took our money
Trader Joe's took our money
but our fridge was full again

and we didn't waste anytime on chowing down

remember Thursday is the first Thursday of the month which means
PinterTest Kitchen hosted by Jessica
and I've been PinterTesting like a madman
so, see ya Thursday!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day


love this man

found this CD label in a pile of tax stuff...weird
 the picture's from our first time going to Disneyland together
And yes, those are cornrows

gotta love tax returns
pretty much the only redeeming value for this annual experience

love watching Sherlock season two with my hubby
and I love Randy for getting it for us

love these little legs

love my Valentine's Day presents

love the Valentine's Day package of goodies my Aunt sent the girls
she's always been so thoughtful like that
I remember always getting cards with stickers for Valentine's Day and St. Patricks Day

I want to be like that with my nieces and nephews
watch out, Karleigh...a card and stickers are coming your way for St. Patty's

love these two
(little brother and sister)

DONT LOVE that they sent me this picture from Space Mountain
but I'm trying to get over it

love Jello Jigglers
and am starting to resent the fact that my mom never made them

love painting mailboxes with Aidan
also love that she's now decided her painted mailbox is for Haley
so she can have the "prettier one"

love Valentine's Day parties with friends

 love my Savior

Thursday, February 2, 2012

PinterTest Kitchen: tree stump ornament...why do I keep crafting?

Happy Thursday!
I woke up to a snot face and a smile from this little sick girl

Now its the first thursday of the month
which means PinterTest Kitchen!

Its been a couple months since my last PinterTest experience
So I thought I'd give a whack at crafting again
why do I keep crafting?

but here it is

 I pinned this little baby during the month of November

Come November 29th we picked up our Christmas Tree
and I gave the tree-cutter person specific instructions to slice a 1 1/2" piece off the stump

and then the poor thing sat in the garage 
in the cold
for three months
until today


sand down grains on the stump

attempt to trace desired date on stump with a pen

realize that will not work because stump is still too grainy

try to ignore the screaming child trying to break into the kitchen

cut out individual printed numbers
and place on stump
and paint with desired color


let dry
and decorate

be content
remembering this is meant to be a keepsake
not a product for my non-existent Etsy shop

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