Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day


love this man

found this CD label in a pile of tax stuff...weird
 the picture's from our first time going to Disneyland together
And yes, those are cornrows

gotta love tax returns
pretty much the only redeeming value for this annual experience

love watching Sherlock season two with my hubby
and I love Randy for getting it for us

love these little legs

love my Valentine's Day presents

love the Valentine's Day package of goodies my Aunt sent the girls
she's always been so thoughtful like that
I remember always getting cards with stickers for Valentine's Day and St. Patricks Day

I want to be like that with my nieces and nephews
watch out, Karleigh...a card and stickers are coming your way for St. Patty's

love these two
(little brother and sister)

DONT LOVE that they sent me this picture from Space Mountain
but I'm trying to get over it

love Jello Jigglers
and am starting to resent the fact that my mom never made them

love painting mailboxes with Aidan
also love that she's now decided her painted mailbox is for Haley
so she can have the "prettier one"

love Valentine's Day parties with friends

 love my Savior

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