Friday, April 20, 2012

catch up

the last couple weeks I've been playing catch up
catch up on laundry 
catch up house cleaning
catch up on email
catch up on homeschool
and now catch up on blogging

its been a while since I've shared the happenings of the chaos household. 
I'm pretty sure this picture is where I left off last time
and its one of my favorite moments
It was taken on March 19th,
and today is April 20th
one month

so here's the in between

that same week we spent our nights with Mickey

and our days with Cinderella
she's a bit of a diva

Haley enjoyed Goofy's playground and the petting zoo

but spending time with these wonderful people
will be what I remember most

and then we began the long trip back home

but made one last stop at Grandma's house
we love stopping at grandma's
Jason gets to pretend he's 13 again
the girls gets to play outside
and me, i get to find fun things in the garden

we made it home
and immediately, someone came down with the flu

someone else had a birthday
still NOT 30
coffee was the theme
and i was totally pampered
seriously, friends took me out for every single meal

Aidan and I made cupcakes
which I didn't eat
I ate jello
Thank you, Lent

day trip to the city
Haley's first time to Pier 39
she's almost two
we live twenty minutes away
parking cost us $24
see you again on Haley's 4th birthday!

got to visit our friend's new baby
which, of course, favors him

Lent ended

He is Risen!
and these two pictures are the only ones I got

No more Lent
means baking session with Christine!
mini pies
more on this in a future post

Last Saturday was a three-B marathon
Bible Study
Baby Shower
Birthday Party

i tried sewing an A on a onesie
as you can see it turned out well
bought a cute iron-on applique three days later
don't worry Abi, your birdie onesie will be delivered this evening

And its most definitely spring outside
which means all things spring
and water play

alright, I think we're all caught up
next post about the mini pies!

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  1. that top picture is SUCHHH a framer. seriously. one of my favorites ever. also, i want chocolate cake. goodbye.