Thursday, May 3, 2012

PinterTest Kitchen: for the kids

Kid friendly
kid tested
kid approved

i totally forgot to post last month
because it was during my 
non-sweets period,
I must have put it out of my mind
and this is why

two words

do i have your attention?

 1 cup of chocolate chips
1/2 cup of peanut butter
3 cups of crunchy chow mein noodles
and candy eggs of any kind (i used chocolate)

double boil your chocolate
I always add a couple drops of olive oil to make it smooth
add your peanut butter and mix

turn off the heat, add your chow mein noodles and mix

and add spoonfuls of the crunchy choc-nut goodness to muffin cups
or shape it yourself on some wax paper

use some sort of spoon
to press down a circular indent in the center
for the eggs

refrigerate for at least 30 minutes
and add your eggs
great snack for easter, but we happened to be studying the letter Nn 
so we made little Nn flags for our nests and shared them with some friends

Happy Customers!

we even made a special one for Daddy

I love pinning things for my kids, 
they enjoy things with these two words

and I enjoy things with these


so put the two together and
you've got yourself a WINNER

four things
1. paint, I used acrylic, but tempera works great
2. masking tape
3. white sheet of paper
4. 1 gal. zip-loc freezer bag

 squirt some paint into your bag
one color
two colors
three colors
as many as your kids desire
try to get all the air out
and then zip!

place a sheet of white paper underneath

then tape the entire thing to the table

you can use fingers to make your designs
or use pencil erasers like we did

we used this craft to work on writing
and color mixing

needed the table for eating to so we moved them to the sliding door

Thank you hippiehousewife!
you're a genius!

Happy Pinning

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  1. dude, i love that you do crafts too. makes me wish i had an ounce of creativity in my body.

  2. Carrie, these are adorable! And they look so easy to make too! Chocolate and Peanut Butter are the deadliest combo for me...I can't resist it!