Saturday, March 23, 2013

welcome back, blog

First of all

I love blogging

blogging has provided an incredible outlet to share the "what's happening" with our family

a way to make new friends and stay connected with old ones

and a way for me to have a digital photo album, without actually spending a million dollars

to develop all the pictures that I take

but now working, I rarely have time to do my chores and see my family, let alone blog

blogging is always on my to do list, but rarely gets to the top

the bills, laundry, and rest always seem to cut in line

and of course family time, which always gets to be the line leader

Can you tell I've made my way back into teaching?

So yes, a few changes have happened since I last blogged

I am no longer working for Starbucks. 

Early December I got offered a job as an Infant Teacher at a DayCare

A huge blessing, I can't say that enough

My hours are stable, I have weekends and major holidays off,

I walk to work, and get to come home on my lunch break

it's amazing!

And though it's not completely free

the Lord has provided enough each month so far so the girls can join me once a week

And they love it!

But they're growing up way too fast

               Oct. 2011 Jan. 2013

we've become more involved with our church and seminary community

and we've been just so incredibly blessed by the people here

they're amazing, and so encouraging!

and its going to be really hard to say goodbye to them, when the Lord moves us on


Portland gave us our first snow

about 30 minutes before we hopped on a plane for California

but we were grateful for the 15 minutes of fun.

As much as we miss the food from the Bay

we've been introduced to some awesome eats here

This Tavern was incredible, but I think we're a little

afraid to go back, considering Aidan almost burned it down

a good story for a later time

It hasn't taken long for us to see how beautiful the Pacific Northwest is

Some friends took us to Multnomah Falls, and we got our tourist on

I love how, even in the winter when the tree's branches are bare

they're still a beautiful green because of the moss that grows on them

it's been six months since we've moved here

and I've been making a pro/con list for Portland,

in addition to some random observations.

Pro: the no sales tax thing is AMAZING!

Con: gas pumping; I thought this would be a pro,

but when you're forced to wait for the attendant to come help you,

you can't help but realize you could be done pumping by then if you were allowed to just do it yourself

Pro and Con and Pro again: no plastic bags; this was a pro until I tried to carry my paper

bags full of groceries in the rain, but then became a pro again when I finally disciplined myself to

use all those reusable bags from the disney store and whole foods.

Pro: DMV here is awesome, and our registration is good for two years.

Con: the speed limit. 55 mph is not acceptable. period. Sammy Hagar, I can't drive 55!

Con: the strip clubs every square block is pretty gross.

Pro: the bridges are gorgeous, and they don't make me pay to cross them!

Pro: some of the best beer is made here, and they give you samples in the grocery store

 (clearly one of Jason's Pro's)

Pro: Jason got a peek at what a tattoo on pasty white skin looks like, and now doesn't want one.

Observation: Subaru is to Portland AS Prius is to the Bay Area

Observation: cool Portland mom's have nose rings and use cloth diapers

Observation: cool Portland dad's have beards and wear flannel

Conclusion: Jason and I will never be cool parents

All in all, we're having a great time

but we can always use a great amount of prayer

like I've said before, moving here has been awesome,

but a whole new set of challenges have come

We are so thankful for all of our dear friends and family who have supported us

and continue to support us. And we would ask that you continually keep us in prayer.


  1. carrie, i'm SO happy you posted this! i was wondering what you have been up to up there! i've missed your instagrams and blogs.
    now we know what portland life looks like for you
    i love hearing about it. :)

    when we went to oregon for summer camp, it was so fun to point out all the subies (subarus) everywhere. oregonians sure do love the subies.

    with all those pros and cons portland does sound like a kinda fun place to live. ;) glad you guys are making the most of it!

  2. You can't pump your own gas?! I didn't know that was still a thing. Who knew? Sounds like Portland really IS the land of hipsters! I'm a wannabe poser not an actual hipster. LOL.

    I haven't worked for Starbucks in ten years and I loved it, but honestly, I am still thrilled that our closet no longer smells like stale coffee!