Saturday, July 19, 2014

Home is where my heart is

If there's anything that working these last two years has taught me

its that home is where my heart is. 

i took a break from working in June, and 24/7 time with my family 

these few months has been absolute medicine to my soul.

having energy to clean my house has lowered my stress level.

cooking fresh meals with spices that have been sitting 

in my spice rack for two years has been rejuvenating.

and spending extra time on pinterest-y projects has been complete therapy

Jason graduated in May and we had some special guests fly in for the occasion 


Mother's Day was the same weekend as graduation, which gave me a chance to celebrate with my 

mommy for the first time in about nine years. It felt special.

but that week may also have been one of the most stressful in my life

have you ever popped a blood vessel? 

Well I have

between graduating, work, company, and job interviews for both Jason and myself, my lovely eye 

decided it had enough. No pictures...You're very very welcome

it was a bloody ugly mess

the eye-opening experience, that only confirmed I had reached my limit

It took about four weeks to heal, just in time for my last day of work and my baby's last day of school

I can't believe how grown she is now

First Grade

she now knows what that means

D-D-D- Dishes

Can I get an applause from all the mamas!

The proud privilege feeling wore off pretty quickly for her

But she bounced back with some sports therapy

The Lord has richly blessed us. So many ways I can't even count. 

Jason and I both got new jobs, so we'll be extending our stay in this beautiful 

state and are apart of a wonderful new church body in the area. Jason's pastoring again, 

and I'll be back at teaching in the Fall. But this time it will be as a 2/3rd grade teacher. 

We are all excited. Haley and Aidan will both be joining me at their new school, 

which is a two-year prayer answered. 

Lord you are AMAZING!

Much of the future still feels unknown, but one thing that feels sure is the Lord's hand over it all

Looking back, these last two years turned out completely different than what I originally thought

but I wouldn't go back and change a thing

The Lord has used everything for our good

even the hard things

especially the hard things

Home may be where my heart is

but in His grace is where my heart finds rest

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  1. Love all the blessings that have come for you guys through taking a huge risk. God has so much greater in store for your future :)