Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's Time

It's time to join the blogging world. I was totally turned off by the idea of blogging after watching the movie Julie & Julia. If blogging meant that you had to be completely obsessed with finishing a goal...not for me. (Why? Because I'm a total planner, but I hate goals. I'm not against them, I just rarely finish them, and then it makes me sad. Don't ask me how being a planner and anti-goal maker goes together, but it does.) However, now that i'm a total blog reader, have blogging friends, a blogging husband, and a life I like to think is worth blogging about; I realize its just a fun thing to do, and YOU DON'T HAVE TO MAKE A CRAZY LIFE GOAL OUT OF IT, so i'm in!

so welcome to my chaos...

I love them to death!


  1. um can tell you how much I love this?! welcome, friend! so happy you've jumped on the crazy train. i think you are going to love it. xxoo

  2. welcome Carrie! :) excited to see what kind of chaos you bring to the internet! woot woot!

  3. hello! welcome to blogging! kinda bummed though, about you not making a crazy life goal out of it. i LOVE crazy people.

    xo jessica Johnson sent me here, blame her.

  4. Welcome! Any friend of Jessica's is a friend of mine!