Tuesday, August 30, 2011

destination disney

there are three things that our family loves

1. Jesus

2. coffee

3. disney

we love all things disney

mugs, toys, books, blankets, biographies, anthologies, figurines, puzzles, pictures, appliances, clothes, movies...oh the movies, video games, coloring books, towels, ornaments, holiday decor, documentaries, everything!

in fact I took some pictures of some of our disney stuff, just to prove it

See? I told you. And these pictures don't include the stuff at my husband's office, the dirty clothes in the laundry, toys around the car, and the countless hours of disney tracks on our ipods that we constantly listen to. Needless to say, we have a lot of stuff. And most of it isn't even for our kids. 

And there's still room to grow

In fact, I'd love to add some of these items to our collection


And it has been a dream of ours to take the girls to Disneyland for more than one day. 

Even further, its been a personal dream of mine since 2006 to go to Disneyland when I'm 
NOT pregnant. 
It seemed like every single time I went to disneyland in the last 5 years, I've always been pregnant. 

Which means no Space Mountain, no Indiana Jones, no Star Tours, no FUN. 

But this is the year we're doing it. November 6th, the day after my sister-in-laws wedding, we're driving down to Anaheim and spending 4 days at the happiest place on earth. disney rides, disney clothes, disney food, disney music, disney shows. And I am counting the days.

So to get myself pumped for this trip I've included a countdown clock and will
include a disney fun fact at the beginning of each post until the big day arrives.

its destination disneyland, my friends


  1. fun! we visited disneyland for a week in february. it was our first ever trip! we are both thirty:) our little guy loved it, but we were CRAZY loving it!
    have a great trip!! xoxo

  2. I love going to Disneyland and can't wait to take Hayden someday :)

    p.s. I have the Minnie solar bobble head thing too! plus the Christmas ornaments that match it

  3. I'd never been to Disney anything, as a kid or otherwise. My hubby promised me over five years ago that when I turned 30, he'd take me to Disney World. It took longer than we thought, but this past May we finally went for our anniversary. We had a BLAST! We used to plan out each day and we avoided all the crowds and didn't wait for anything more than ten minutes. It was so wonderful! :-)

  4. hi carrie!

    first, have a 4 day fun time at disneyland! 4 days would be so much more enjoyable than squeezing it all into 1.

    now, i hope your cup arrived safe and sound.

    i needed to warn you DO NOT PUT IT IN THE DISHWASHER! the chalkboard paint will peel off and that would be s.a.d.