Friday, September 2, 2011

chaos = clutter

Amazing, the night of my last post my husband and I got to go on a little date for 
ice cream and Barnes&Noble browsing, where he found a book for me called, 
Little-Known Facts about Well-Known Places: DISNEYLAND by David Hoffman. 
Its perfect for my fun fact addition in the blog, and a GREAT bedtime read! 

disney fun fact #1
Disneyland's original Tinkerbell was Tiny Kline, 
a 4'10" circus performer, who was 71 years old when she first flew down a zipline from the top of the Matterhorn to start the 
"Fantasy in the Sky" fireworks show. 

I'm pretty certain that chaos and clutter always go together. And my house is no exception. I wish that I had a magical wand that automatically re-arrange and organized my clutter...oh and went to target for me to do my shopping. 

Side note: Seriously, wouldn't that be great if you could give your magical wand your target list? it would go there and do the shopping for you, while you went and got a mani-pedi with the money that you would have spent on extra things at Target if you had gone yourself. 

Anyhoo, here is my clutter...

Living Room Clutter

Bedroom Clutter

Kitchen clutter

And, I am now in De-Clutter MODE
Not just because I don't like clutter - I mean, who really does? But also because I love my husband. And after working a long day at church, he deserves to come home to a clean, 
orderly, relaxed home, where he can find rest. He also needs a relaxed wife 
(and clutter isn't relaxing, whenever I look at it the tiny hairs on my arms stand up).

Since these pictures I have worked tirelessly on the bedroom closet, which doesn't look perfect but much, much better. 
But it will get perfect; soon enough. 
So stay tuned to future posts titled Clutter Revisited.

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