Monday, September 26, 2011

ever been to a pet parade? ever made fried ravioli? have a verse?

Of the eighteen teacups available to ride on the Mad Tea Party
the plain lavender one spins the fastest.
(source: Little-Known Facts about Well-Known Places: Disneyland)

Have you ever been to a pet parade?
Well I have!

Saturday morning our family went to breakfast at Neil's and then attended our very first Pet Parade.

For one morning I felt like a resident of Stars Hollow
Which I would kill to live in, if it were a real town

Everyone in town brought out their pets, and walked down Broadway led by an 
American Flag, and the high school marching band

Some owners just brought their pets on leashes, and then some came out in costumes
Not just the animals, the owners too
Think of it as Bay to Breakers for pets

there were dogs dressed as bugs



and of course the orange and black got represented

but dogs weren't the only ones who came, there were rabbits, fish in their bowls, turtles, even parrots 

And it was one of the most fun parades 
I've ever been to
The girls had a blast

And we got to see one of our high schoolers from church perform in the band

Can't wait for the Pet Parade to come around again

Have you ever made fried ravioli
I have!
You should...seriously!
biggest crowd pleaser. 
Give it a try.

Do you have a verse you could share with me?
I've been struggling with some serious discouragement lately
maybe I'll share more about it in a later blog
But have you been there? What verses were helpful to you?
Cause I could sure use some

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  1. Sad I missed out on the pet parade. I heard about it when I moved here right before Patrick and I got married.

    Love fried ravioli! I always get them at Macaroni Grill but I will have to try your recipe