Thursday, September 8, 2011

approved workman are not ashamed

disney fun fact #4

There is a regulation size half-court on which employees 
can play basketball inside the Matterhorn.
(from Little-Known Facts about Well-Known Places: Disneyland)


We go way back...

like 3rd grade back...

And Aidan had her first experience last night

She was excited even though 
she'd never been...
didn't know anyone...
and hadn't had a nap all day

I thought she'd be nervous, and shy, and want me to stay


and I cried on the way home from dropping her off

really cried

But then I saw this when I picked her up

it reminded me of myself in SPARKS

it reminded me of the impact A.W.A.N.A. had on my life

the key role it had in my salvation...
rejecting legalism and embracing grace

and the verses it helped hide in my heart
countless verses

and the godly friends it helped bring into my life
life-long friends
Crys, Kris, and Alex just to name a few

And i LOVE that it will be apart of my daughter's life
and I hope it has the same impact on her

giving her the GOSPEL from the very first lesson


  1. I don't know much about Awana but Cubbies sounds super cute

  2. i love awana. i never went on my own, but occasionally i would go with some church friends every few months. i am kinda jealous of aidan ;)