Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Thanksg....I mean, uhhh Merry Christmas!

Wow, its been a while.
Actually, its been four weeks and two days

don't get me wrong, I've thought about it
even sat at my computer, fingers on the keyboard, 
thoughts racing...but nothing
lots of thoughts, very little words = no post


but today, I have a couple thoughts, a few words AND lots of pictures

so here it goes
these last four weeks have been a time of firsts...

Aidan and her buddy went Ice skating...i love these two girls and I hope they're best friends forever
and Aidan skated by herself for the FIRST time

Ice skating day ended in tears when I surprised Aidan with a trip to Kaiser for her flu shot
I didn't hold her arm down enough, 
and she jerked causing the needle to scrape her arm,
and then they had to stick her again. 
FIRST time that every happened.
Her consolation present...the only thing I could find in the pharmacy
...a tooth brush.

Made my FIRST quiche for thanksgiving breakfast, turned out well. Don't you think?

Haley had her FIRST Black Friday shopping experience...she wasn't too happy about it

But I was...because for the FIRST (and most likely last) time, I saved more than I spent at Target

We knew Christmas would go fast this year...
doesn't it always?...
so we put up decorations right away
including the FIRST tree topper I've ever loved
its Mickey!
and it took me over 25 years to find it
Thanks, Mom for buying it

Well it wasn't my first time making these, but it was my 
FIRST time pinning my own picture on Pinterest
In case you're interested...they're cinnamon brownies.
They're amazing and incredibly easy to make.
Box Brownie mix, substitute orange juice for the liquid, add some cinnamon chips..and TaDa!

FIRST time the Jasons put together a bunk bed
major, manly bonding happening here

FIRST time using Costco boxes as bumper cars
huge should try it

FIRST time, he fell asleep during The Holiday...

First time I had the 6th grade girls from church over to make Gingerbread houses
guess which one's mine?

FIRST time Haley saw an oral surgeon, for biting completely into her tongue. 

FIRST time I've heard Nothing But the Blood performed in a mall
Another friendship I pray, lasts forever

FIRST time, of the season, we went out to look at Christmas lights. 
We're going again tonight

you can't read it, but this house put a huge banner of John 3:16 out front
Love that!

And last night we received an amazing present from the Youth/College/Career/ our FRIENDS
our very FIRST ipad
I was speechless, i totally cried
its something that i've wanted for a long time
never thought I would get
not sure that I need, 
certain I don't deserve,
but absolutely sure that I love!

And that's been our month
And tomorrow is Christmas
Christmas is on a Sunday,
and I love, love, love that
I wish every Christmas was on a Sunday
And I can't wait to celebrate with worship and praise
Because my Savior was born
He came to earth, 
He became flesh,
He died for me,
He rose,
He lives,
and His name is Immanuel

Matthew 1:21
"And she will bring forth a Son, and you 
shall call His name JESUS, 
for He will save His people from their sins."

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  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS CARRIE!! what a fun month you have had. so many great things. looks like your people love you guys. an iPad? amazing.

    look at all the fun you and your girls (and jason had) this season. hurray.

    and even bigger hurray for Jesus. thank you for all you do for HIM :)