Tuesday, January 10, 2012

so long 2011, and a big welcome to 2012

I think every family handles Christmas a little differently
For me, Christmas morning begins very early
I've always been like this
I was the kid who was up at the crack of dawn ready to open gifts,
or in most cases, ready to leave for the airport
(we traveled standby a lot, and if you travel standby you know exactly why we flew that morning)

even now...the idea of Christmas day gets me excited and i'm up super early
before the kids
way before the kids
this year it was 5:30 am


I think not. I was so thankful that the Lord woke me up way before anyone else
I got to spend some time in prayer thanking Him for His Son, my blessed Redeemer, without the interruption of someone asking me to make them breakfast and turn on Elmo.
Sorry, am I complaining?

I got to make breakfast for my family, while humming
O Holy Night and We Three Kings.
 Which gradually turned to singing.
Kind of loud singing actually.

And then everyone woke up to the smell of bacon
and coffee
and we were all ready for 

present opening...

church going...

cupcake decorating...

And baked brie (Kim's Baked Brie) eating...
BY ME...
all by myself

And it was a good day.

And shortly after Christmas we packed some bags and flew down to 
San Diego to visit the grandparents for a little R&R.

Aidan got welcomed with some new Vans.

Jason turned into a hipster

And I got reunited with Ethel
my car from highschool

Overall it was an amazing time with family and encouragement, and some great BBQ.
And then it was over,
as quickly as it started

And I really miss them

And that was the ending to our year.
But God is good, and this is a new year
that He has provided for
new challenges,
new lessons,
new decisions,
new mercies,
new acts of love,
new growth.
And I'm ready.
Seriously, I don't say that lightly.

so a great big welcome to 2012!
I know its like 10 days late...but welcome anyway!

And my new years resolution...
Thank you cards...which I shall begin today.

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  1. why on EARTH did you eat that brie alone (not that i would complain) did no one want it?!?!? hahaha. how CRAZY. :)

    I am SO excited that you got to experience, indulge, and enjoy it though...i could use a whole brie to myself right about now.

    looks delicious.

    and christmas looks wonderful. :) what a fun time for your whole gang.