Friday, January 20, 2012

i'm actually reading

So far so good, 2012
Chilly wind, but beautiful weather makes for good park days
which we are taking full advantage of

but i'm pretty sure these girls are too cool to be my children
a hipster on the left and a fashionista on the right

thankfully they haven't figured that out yet, so they still let us hang with them

Even let us have the pleasure of their company for lunch at Little Lucca
where I totally stuffed my face

Aidan ordered some Doritos, which she then asked to put in the freezer
because apparently, that's where junk food goes
Thank you Berenstain Bears

This year I'm finding myself obsessed with two things


and this

shocked? so was I.
not about Downton Abbey, I've always been a sucker for the Brits
Brit, movies, accents, fashion...the only thing they haven't won me on is the food
but i'm getting there

no, I was shocked about the book
I'm no reader
even Harry Potter, which I love, i didn't read
I listened to it, 
but this...i'm reading...I'm reading a lot
In fact I'm done
started last Saturday, and five days later...

amazed? maybe not
its probably routine for most people
but for me, no
I've been working on the same book for over a year now
want to know what chapter i'm on?

so be amazed

 And after you're done being amazed
Go buy it
because its THAT GOOD
and then make some of this

and for dessert

or cake pops like these


and then sit yourself by the fire
(because its now pouring or snowing outside for must of us in the U.S.)
and get obsessed

New Year's Resolution:
Write Thank You cards


Days left until its been so long that its just too embarrassing to even pass them out:

I better get to work


  1. fun stuff!!
    we adore downton abbey!
    have yet to get to the hunger games...sounds good.
    happy weekend!

  2. It's raining today. Not snowing, thankfully.

  3. Okay so I'm totally obsessed with Downton Abbey too and I can't wait for the Hunger Games movie. Totally with you on both of those.

    If it makes you feel better about the thank-you notes, we got all our thank yous written after our wedding (ten years ago almost!) and then couldn't afford stamps. So we NEVER sent but about 25 of them. And we go to church with a lot of them! SO embarrassing! We just verbally thanked them at church, but we live in the South, where official thank you notes are still a BIG deal.

    Let me tell you, some mortifying conversations were had by several folks with us. What can you do but ask for grace? Now when I want to send a note, I try really hard to get it done, but generally I just say thank you and show my excitement in person when I see them.

  4. carrie, hunger games? downton abbey?? how were we not friends sooner??!