Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Parents vs. Kids

ever watch Man vs. Food?
at our house it was
Parents vs. Kids

it all began with a free Saturday
we get those once in a while
no plans with friends, no church events
just a couple errands to run, and maybe a work out (for Jason)

Aidan and I did a couple errands and rented a movie
have you seen it? 
i loved it
go watch it
and bring some tissues

anyway it was all planned out
Jason BBQ's steak for dinner
baths after dinner
put Haley to bed
pop some popcorn
and turn on Hugo

we were all looking forward to a family movie night

and just before dinner Aidan decided she wanted dinner to be FANCY

have you read this book?

its one of our favorites

and Saturday night it came to life

no fancy lessons necessary in this house, though
we all got dressed in our best
 sort of

don't we look "chic"?
that's French for stylish!

and we sat down to eat
"filet mignon"
that's French for steak
sort of

I set down the plates of steak, 
roasted vegetables, 
and mashed potatoes

And that's where it started

with a big "eww" from Aidan

now i knew they wouldn't like the mashed potatoes
and i wasn't surprised at how they reacted to the
roasted mushrooms, broccoli, and zucchini
but steak..
surely they'd eat the steak

the competition between Parents vs. Kids had begun!
and we were determined to stick to our guns

an hour later, this is where we were at

thirty minutes later it looked something like this

you're not leaving the table until that is finished

And...after two hours of
disgusted faces,
fist pounding,
 a potty accident

and staying up until 11 p.m.
despite being put to bed at 7:30

it was pretty obvious

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