Thursday, March 1, 2012

PinterTest Kitchen: baking, eating, organizing, homeschooling, AND kid-tested

Some major PinterTESTING went on last month

Hmmmm....what shall I start with first

ok, since you i know you're just dying to know what i baked

seen this one?

if you're on Pinterest then I'm sure you have
and it totally got me speculating

cake in a can? 
come on
but i was curious

and i had also seen the blackberry frosting cupcake
and i just so happened to have some blackberries in my fridge
it was going to be the perfect combination

this was my first attempt
after i put it all together i realized that i had misunderstood the directions 
and put one less egg yolk than what I needed
but i figured, its just a little so its not that big of a deal



i realized there was a problem when my batter turned out more like cookie dough

but i kept going, thinking it would resolve itself in the oven

it didn't

and though it may look kind of cute in the picture
it was a brick
and it tasted like a brick

so i kept my own version of the blackberry frosting
cream cheese frosting with blackberries
 that's all it was...

and a few days later I tried again
remembering the extra egg yolk
so it made batter not dough
and got all spongy when it baked
and when it cooled I added my frosting
and a strawberry
since i had taken out my grief from the first attempt on the rest of the blackberries

it was pretty good
but don't be fooled
the recipe says it makes five
that's a lie
i only got two out of mine

but its perfect if you only want a little cake for yourself
and not a large crowd


To-Go Salad

Mason Jars are good for EVERYTHING
including salads

layer your salad in the jar
starting with the dressing
and ending with your choice of greens
just make sure the greens and dressing don't touch
until you're ready to eat

my only suggestion, I'd only do it the night before
don't make a bunch for the week

Chipotle cilantro-lime rice

just add
juice of 1/2 a lime
1 tsp salt
3 tbsp of fresh chopped cilantro
2 tbsp of vegetable oil

to three cups of fresh cooked long-grain or basmati rice

its pretty good

3. Kid-Tested

drip-proof popsicles

worked for the pre-schooler NOT the toddler

though, I didn't use the foil-lined kind
maybe that would have made a difference

4. Homeschooling

I really needed something for Aidan to have daily practice for her writing
and when I saw this Handwriting Worksheet, i thought it was perfect
since it allows you to personalize it with your child's name
and whatever words/letters/numbers you want

5. Cleaning/Organizing

two words

tension rod

making a little extra room under the sink

"Pinterest, improving our lives one pin at a time"
                                                                           - Jason C.      


  1. omg those cakes are HILARIOUS.
    but the second ones turned out HEAVENLY looking.
    perfect for you and your hubster. :)

    the tension rod idea is AWESOME i really like that! i may have to do that one! :)

    see you tonight (i hope!)

    ps your husband's quote is FUNNY

  2. Girl! You were BUSY. I've been dying to try that Chipotle rice. Does it taste exactly the same? And Jason kills me.

  3. Hey! Love the Handwriting worksheet site! Use it all the time!! It's great because you can make cursive worksheets too. :) A few years away for you guys... :) I love the pressure rod idea, I'm going to borrow that one for sure.

  4. dude, carrie, you rock! i gotta try that cupcake thing! not that i ever will, but i'd like to think i will! :)

  5. Ooh! Thanks for the to-go salad tip! I've been needing/wanting to figure out a good way to take salads for my lunches at work, but wasn't sure how to do it...but it's a great idea! I'm so going to try it! :-D

    In a few weeks I'll be all finished with grad school (Lord willing), at which time I am going to join Pinterest. I've been staying away because I'm afraid it'll take too much time--or be too big of a distraction--but I've been antsy to join!