Thursday, October 6, 2011

PinterTest Kitchen: bowl fillers

So my friend Jess had this great idea of a

And All are invited to join along. So yesterday (of course, procrastinator!),
I decided to make one of those Simple DIY projects

It all started with a trip to Michaels. I was looking at decor to spruce up our church office. And I saw these bow fillers. Now I really like bowl fillers. They're simple, vary in color, and just add a nice accent to baskets, vases, mason jars, anything honestly. But I think i could make this, so why buy it?
So i looked on Pinterest and saw these...the rainbow balls in the top row. 
Read the description...and thought YES, this belongs on my Simple DIY board. REPIN!

So yesterday, I put my creative hands to work and this is what I got

Its incredibly simple. 
Regular Glue
and a balloon
I also used a cup for the glue

I diluted the glue in a cup with a tiny bit of water
dropped in the yarn, drenching it in the glue mixture
and then began to wrap around the balloon

At this point my daughter got completely disgusted by the idea of getting sticky 
glue all over her hands and left me for Elmo

I then placed to dry on some cardboard lined with wax paper (that was my own SuperSmart idea)

I was a bit dissappointed at the amount of time it took to dry. Yarn is not like paper, it doesn't dry fast. 
It takes quite a while. Like overnight. Actually, i found out even longer than that.

But after I thought it had completely dried, I popped the balloons

Immediately after popping one of the sides began to sink in. 
Word to the wise: before popping pick up the balloon and make sure that ALL sides are dry. 
So it might not be a perfect circle, but it actually turned out OK. 

I WILL be doing this again, because it was just so easy. 
And next time I'll make sure to use more yarn, 
turn balloon frequently while drying, 
make sure that its completely drying before popping balloon, 
and not be so tack happy about popping the balloon 
(i'll do a slow-air release instead of a quick burst)

haha, oops, 
that last line could be used to describe something else.
I've been living with a boy too long

Sorry, to all you mature adults :)

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  1. those totally turned out awesome.
    love that they are called bowl fillers.

    i would so buy that at pier 1. or target. or wherever! :)

  2. one of my faves!!! been wanting to try them forever. thanks for linking up, carrie! hope to see you tonight!

  3. these are so cool! and wayyyy cheaper than ones at the store

  4. Those are such pretty cake stands - love them! I definitely need something better than a plate.

    cake stand & tableware