Monday, October 31, 2011


disney fun fact

Wayne Allwine the actor who has provided the voice for Mickey Mouse for the last 25 years, 
and Russi Taylor, who has done Minnie's voice for about the same time, 
are husband and wife in real life. They met on the job.
(source: Little-Known Facts about Well-Known Places: Disneyland) that's a love story

I'm pretty disappointed in myself
Usually by today (halloween) I will have already made these
 and these
 and these
(the Pioneer Woman's are a lot fancier than mine, but i'm sure they taste just the same)

And I'd be attempting these

But this year, i got as far as putting buttons on this, but that's about it

I'm just not really into the spirit this year, and having some fun with the halloween food hasn't been on my mind...maybe its because i keep thinking about this

 or because this last week everyone was sick like this

But whatever the reason, i've failed my children
I haven't made them fun halloween snacks and worked with them on fun halloween crafts
Its just kind of been blah

So I tried to get more into the spirit this afternoon by putting together three different costumes for them (Aidan) to choose from

Option A 49er chicks

Option B Batman & Robin (Thank you uncle Tim)

less girly, but SUPER cute

Option C Ballerinas

And so it was decided Aidan would go as the Ballerina, and Haley as a 49er cheerleader

and that's exactly what they did
Happy Halloween


  1. You should not be disappointed! You do so much as it is! Sometimes it is one of those years...Hey if it makes you feel any better. I slept till 230pm today because I was blah too:)

  2. your girls are so cute. excellent costume choices.

    love the disney fun fact.

    and you are a baking genius!

    those candy corn brownies look HARD