Thursday, November 3, 2011

PinterTest Kitchen: canvas painting

disney fun fact
Donald Duck's nephews-Huey, Dewey, and Louie-were named after Louisiana politician Huey Long, New York politician Thomas Dewey, and Disney animator Louis Schmitt.
(source: Little-Known Facts about Well-Known Places: Disneyland)

I'm not artsy
but I aspire to be
so I did this one for the

its another pin from my Simple DIY board

just Elmer's glue and then paint the whole thing one color
this one was clearly the one from Pinterest
here's mine

I used a cookie cutter to help outline my pictures
I used the fall leaf, in retrospect I wish I would have 
used my Mickey cookie cutter

this is the face and oh-so-loud cry next to me as I was trying to work
upset that she ran out of go-gurt

and this is what it looked like after it was painted

the way the glue and canvas worked together was cool, 
my art not so much

I'd like to do it again, but put A LOT more effort in my art design
OR just have someone else do the design

I think next month I'll do some PinterTest baking

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  1. i like your art! i think it turned out cute!! at first i was a little nervous that you were going to try huey, dewey and louie... ;)

  2. This is such a fun idea! My oldest daughter wants an Art Party for her 5th bday this january...wondering if we could do this as a project. how long did it take for the glue to dry?