Friday, November 18, 2011

wedding fun, disneyland fun, and a super long read

Our trip began two weeks ago from today

We left earlier than scheduled, always a plus
7:30am instead of 8:00
picked up our Starbucks and began the drive for Atascadero

ever been there?
I doubt it...

unless you're actually from there you've probably only passed it
but our family is from there, so we go there, and we love it there

First night was the wedding rehearsal
it was so fun seeing aunts, uncles, grandma, papas, cousins, and friends
here's Aidan with her aunties. The tall one's the bride.

Next day was the wedding AND Aidan's birthday
The morning began with a birthday breakfast at Dennys and ended 
playing Just Dance in grandma's living room
pretty good start and finish for a four year old, I think

But this was the in-between
flower girl prep in the morning
all the girls looked like little fairies in their tutus
no picture of cousin Karleigh, but she was a little beauty too
and my sister-in-law was something to behold
Jason and Uncle Zach shared the officiant responsibilities
Jason took the message part 
and Zach did the vows and the rings
both did a lovely job
All the little girls did great going down the aisle
Grandma even got a babysitter for Haley, so I could stay for the rest of the ceremony
But all I could think about during the entire ceremony was Christ's return for His bride
and it was just so exciting
the reception was so fun
the band was awesome, and they love Jesus
the groom and best man did a duet of Neon Moon
honestly, first time I've ever heard that song
And they even had a special giant cupcake for Aidan and sang her happy birthday
what a cool Aunt and Uncle

I'm totally kicking myself for not taking more pictures of the decorations
This was the only good one i got, but I was just in awe
Everything was done by either my sister-in-law, my mother-in-law, step-father-in-law, or friends
And it looked great, from the food tiers made out of the stump of a tree, to the birdcage that held all the cards full of money, to the flower arrangements, to the home-made jam for favors
Seriously, if i saw it on Pinterest, I would have pinned it
I would have pinned it all

Once the party was over, we were all on clean-up duty
even the birthday girl


So now to Disneyland!!!!!

We left Atascadero Sunday afternoon, and made our way to Southern California in the rain
but God was so gracious that it let up once we got to Anahiem

We met my family at CPK for dinner
(shame on me for taking no pictures with my parents or siblings on this trip)
And my siblings and their friends were so awesome, and offered to watch Aidan and Haley
so Jason and I could spend some time at Disneyland, that night, alone!
THANK YOU: Tim, Corrie, Emily, and Allyson

So we had a date
coffee, carmel popcorn, and FANTASMIC

Our first official disney day began...


and to our surprise, we walked in to this

after we left the night before, 
they had set up the big tree
and it made my week!

the rest of our day went like this


we got to spend a lot of time with Aidan, while my parents watched Haley
We even took her on Space Mountain

and I totally rocked Buzz Lightyear
Level 5, BABY! Level 5


    Mickey Family Photo Shoot...         And if you haven't eaten one of these you haven't lived

we also became "THOSE PARENTS"

...the kind who put their kid on a leash

we found many friends

and then it was time to say goodbye

and we made our final walk back to our hotel

But you may have noticed there is a new countdown clock
Because the most awesome parents/grandparents in the world got us season passes for christmas
so we get to look forward to it all over again in the spring!

Happy Friday

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