Thursday, November 3, 2011

final fun fact, final post before D-day, and FINALLY I get the whole wedding analogy

disney fun fact

Mickey Mouse ranks three in the most recognizable characters in the world, after Santa Clause and Ronald McDonald

Even though our va-cay officially begins today, D-Day is not for another couple days. First we're off to my sister-in-laws wedding. Big DEAL, it is the first time my daughters will be flower girls. I'm so excited to see them walk down the aisle in their tutu's, at least thats how theyve been described to me. Pictures will come soon.

Speaking of weddings, something finally clicked

At bible study we did the whole toilet paper bride game
Yeah we have fun
Anyway it got me thinking about the real wedding this weekend and then that got me thinking about my wedding and then THAT got me thinking about Ephesians 5 where the church (us) are described as the bride of Christ
And then it all came together with my study in 1 Thess.
And then I finally got it
And I'm probably the last person in the world who did, but I still got excited.
See I've always heard the analogy, but the emotion about it just hadn't hit me.
Ok let me back up
So in 1 Thess I've been studying about Christ's return. So when i began to think about the wedding my mind went to what I felt when the doors opened and I saw my groom at the end of the aisle. The day had finally come for us to be together, it was the beginning of forever. And it was the most exciting thing I'd ever experienced. That's what it's going to feel like when Christ returns. When we see Him ascend from the clouds that's the excitement we're going to feel because we're going to see our bride-groom and it will be the beginning of forever!

And every time I think about I get more excited.

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