Saturday, October 8, 2011


disney fun fact
the tiny pieces embedded into the pavement of Main Street are sensors 
that guide parade floats and ensure they hit their marks

Even at its fastest, Space Mountain never goes more than 30.3 miles per hour
(source: Little-Known Facts about Well-Known Places)

Yes, two fun facts, because I forgot to post one at the top of my last post. Bad, bad blogger. 

Friday morning, my oldest had a birthday party at a bowling alley. She'd been bowling once before at another party, but it was over a year ago. But she remembered exactly how to do it. 

Yes, her name is spelled wrong there. 
But I'm not splitting hairs. 
If you're going to pay for my kid to 
play two games of bowling, and feed her after, 
you can spell her name ANY WAY YOU WANT

And she was so happy
Even if she got a gutter ball, she cheered and high-fived

And I don't mean to toot my own horn, but she kind of rocked the alley


  1. dang your girl has some serious athletic prowess. ;)

    i may have three bowling trophies of my own.
    it's the only "sport" i was good at.

    and i wasn't even that good! ha!

  2. 99!! Wow, that's really good of Aidan. This past summer I scored a 99.