Sunday, July 1, 2012

Favorite Moments from Southern California

The last two weeks we've been in southern california visiting family,
relaxing, celebrating, spending time with friends, and attending a conference
here's my top ten moments

ran into this CUTIE in Bakersfield on the way down
great way to start off a trip!

Insert Disneyland picture here...
or not
computer issues
but we went
we enjoyed Cars Land
and we said goodbye
for good...
or at least until we win free tickets on the radio

my grandma took me to lunch
and then i took her picture when she wasn't paying attention

Family picture before our night away in SD
We're happy to have some alone time
Aidan couldn't wait to spend time with Papa and grandma joke
"can you leave now?" was a question heard often that morning
And Haley's just happy because she has food in her hands


excited faces for time together celebrating 7 years of marriage

and the most delicious/messiest meal of our lives!

held a puppy for the first time
and I'm sure he was relieved we didn't take him home

went to the Resolved Conference in Palm Springs, Ca
getting to worship Jesus with 3,000 brothers and sisters is definitely one of my top moments

witnessed two of the most beautiful pictures
1. the above picture of guy translating Al Mohler's message in sign-language for his friend
2. no picture of it, but walked past a guy in the parking lot sharing the gospel with the parking attendant
living water being poured out in the desert


pool time with our HOPE pals

celebrating birthdays with our friends

deflating pool floaties during Rick Holland's message
sorry for the fart sounds coming from the back, Rick


double dates and family anniversaries dinners
and I now hate using the flash on my camera
the ghost skin-tone is not working for me


  1. you guys had a whirlwind of a trip. so glad we got to meet up. and that you got your pool toys back ;) hahha.

  2. ASL friend?? Amazing. Sad I missed that. Or maybe I'm not sad because I probably would have cried. Glad we got to hang out!!!

  3. yay! thanks for the shout out :)

    looks like you guys had a great time, and I would want that puppy too - he's adorable!

  4. socal was sure good to you! please move there instead?