Thursday, July 19, 2012

Move Prep

For the last two weeks now
my life has become all about
visiting with friends
and packing
and more packing

still don't have a move date yet
but I refuse to be caught off guard
with a weeks-notice for a move
and zero packing accomplished

of course, packing doesn't just mean packing
it means sorting

which we did

a lot

and some friends graciously offered their house for a garage sale

so last Saturday our morning began at 5:30 am
and ended with a crash (literally)

the garage sale was scheduled for Saturday 7/14 8am
of course to some people that means Friday 7/13 mid-afternoon
show up at the house unannounced and insist on seeing the advertised bike

Anyway, browsing pretty much began at 7:45
I arrived with the kids at 8:00
and Haley peeling off price stickers and putting them on herself began promptly at 8:05

more friends arrived at 9:30
and the lemonade stand was open for business

selling strategy and profit distribution was a hot topic
and the team worked very well together

and Haley
well she just made herself comfortable

one of the larger items for sale was a pottery barn toddler bed
I was sure that it would be picked up by a mom with a 3-year-old
to my surprise
it was sold to a man
with a dog

apparently this little guy required a much fancier bed
than the average pup

I was a little disappointed to see my daughters bed go to an animal
but once he handed me the cash
i got over it pretty quickly

our customer returned again
to pick out some more items

and that's when it happened
upon his leaving there was an accident

Praise God, there were no injuries and
minimal car damage to our friends car

And the Lord was over the entire situation
protecting the kids
keeping the adults calm
and causing the grace of God to be poured out to this man behind the wheel

making sure he was ok
sitting with him
walking him home
inviting him to church
not responding in anger but in love

I don't know where this man is at spiritually
but my prayer is that he recognizes the grace of God
through the love of Jesus
and he returns to our friends house seeking to know more

We came home that day exhausted to say the least
after a short rest time
Jason turned on the movie Up
and as a family we watched the movie and ate our pizza

there's a scene at the beginning where the couple, Carl and Ellie, are saving coins in a jar for their dream trip to Paradise Falls

and throughout the clip they keep having to break the jar
to pay for other things like the car, or the house
and they start saving all over again

we have such a jar
actually its a car
a love bug

it was a wedding gift
and as cheesy at it looks
from the very beginning its use was decided
to save up change to help fund a second honeymoon for our 10th Anniversary

and this is the second time its being emptied
in this case its for moving expenses
cause moving out-of-state ain't cheap

sometimes you save up for one thing, but God has something more important in mind
and His purposes are far better than ours


  1. Wow, I've been out of the loop--returned back fr Europe vacay. This comes to me as news as everything seems to be happening quickly for y'all. How exciting that you all are entering a new chapter in your lives! With the grace and glory of God, things will be just fine.

    Carrie, all the very best to you and your loving family!

  2. i wish i had been able to stop by! this looks awesome.
    garage sales bring out the real gems don't they? like dog owners who want toddler beds.

    um i am still voting you don't move.
    unless it's to san mateo. and hope.

    okay, good.