Monday, August 6, 2012


So I was catching up on my Morning & Evening devotional this morning. 

Coming across a beyond-great quote from Charles 

(yeah, we're on a first name basis now)

I decided to share it on instagram.

which is when I realized

I think I've shared this quote before

why yes

i have


it was second post on my blog

which is when I further realized

i totally missed my bloggerversary!

oh well, that's ok

i've forgotten worse things

and I'm not super big on celebrating

but it is kind of crazy to think that its been a year already

and its awesome to look back and see all that the Lord has done

and all that has changed

like these faces



I'd have to say after a year

the title of my blog still stands

i am carrie in chaos

but its not that my life is out of control

its just that I understand that my life is out of MY control

and as long as its under His control, I'm good with that

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of course you do
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  1. happy bloggerversary friend. :) we have similar ones! who knew. :)
    thanks for promoing my swap. and participating. and being high maintenance because it actually is perfect maintenance. :)

    dont move.

  2. i'm so glad that you blog! please continue so i can stalk your life. and your kids just keep getting cuter.

    oh, and i miss you.