Thursday, September 6, 2012

PinterTest Kitchen: cause a move ain't gonna stop me

Welcome to my PinterTest kitchen adventure for the last month
i had two


i chose crafting this month

because well, I had to pack all my baking supplies

and before the move, one of the only craft items I had available

was a sharpie, which we all know is a packing staple

but this didn't stop me

I got creative

actually, I had been hoping to try this

especially since I was participating in

anyhoo, I found these cute little stackable mugs at Target

so, using a fine-point sharpie I began to write 

Psalm 23

looks cute right?

so I then proceeded to do Psalm 1 on the next one

then came time for the baking

350 degree for 30 minutes

to let the sharpie set

and one awesome silhouette in the oven


scrubbing under water to see if the sharpie actually stuck


Unfortunately this was done on the Sunday before the move

and so, shopping for, packaging, and getting to the post office was kind of

out of the question at this point, so I ended up ordering one online instead

which honestly, ended up being WAY cuter than anything I would have made


I saw a cute pin for a head-band holder

using a candle holder and quaker oatmeal container

and I had both of those!

So last Sunday after church

I grabbed the two items, plus some scrapbook paper

just ignore the Mod Podge on the left, it wasn't used

I ended up just cutting the scrapbook paper,

and taping it to the oatmeal canister

and then flipping the canister upside down and slipping the candle holder inside the can

so its open on the bottom

and then I just set the plastic cover on top

so simple

I began to add Aidan's headbands...

which is when I realized she only owns two

I guess, I need to build up that department

so we put her other accessories on it instead

and i think its kind of awesome-looking

Happy pinning

Happy crafting

Happy Thursday!

liking up with Jessica


  1. love the pre-fail. so sad it failed. because its CUTE. and genius idea on the sunglass/hat holder. and i miss you. a lot a lot a lot.

  2. wait. your handwriting is incredible.
    those mugs are fantastic.
    i feel like we need a do-over where they don't fail.
    you have skillz friend.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVED MY MICKEY MOUSE MUG! SO sorry I haven't commented sooner! My son is WAY jealous of my adorable mug. He and I are BIG mickey mouse fans over here. :) Hope your move went smoothly and you are settling in well. Thanks again!

  4. bummer on the writing! but LOVE that holder :)