Tuesday, September 4, 2012

all in a week

I did it

its all unpacked. 

unpacked that last box
...and only box of towels yesterday

already, last week was pretty full

went to church on Sunday
and I'm pretty sure the pastor is the hippie from Freaks and Geeks
...maybe not,  but doppelganger for sure

had communion
with a gluten-free bread option

Jason started classes on Monday

my job interview was on Tuesday...still no word

and both girls got the flu

it started with Haley

and I know its a terrible thing to say

but having her veg out on the couch all day

was a huge break for me

I just had to try to forget the fact that her temp was 103

and i totally did at times

next day she was fine and super hungry from not eating all day

and we thought we were clear

and then 

it hit again

and it got really gross

picture taken before just before the mess

but by Friday things were clear

so we celebrated and got doughnuts for dessert
a Portland must

a Haley favorite

Saturday was spent as a family

with a trip to IKEA

family time in the front yard

and birthday chats with one of our besties back home

Sunday came again

with a new church to try

and more gluten-free bread

at least I know there's one thing I can count on every Sunday

and me, I'm doing much better this week

I think unpacking does a lot for emotions
things finally feel like home

I feel like I'm really connecting with people around me

and this city is really starting to grow on me

1 comment:

  1. gluten free communion?
    i'm kinda dying.
    i feel like i'm going to have to go shopping for Hope asap. ;)

    also, when i come visit will you take me to voodoo? i'm not a huge donut person, but that is a bucket list item for sure.