Saturday, September 22, 2012

what you've been missing

well i tried it

the gluten free bread

there we were one Sunday

watching as everyone went down for communion

it seems to be a weekly event at churches here

which, personally, I'm all for

anyway, so there we were

watching people form several lines

and there stood the gluten free line, empty

a couple people had come and gone

but no line

so we went for it

and it was


I so badly wanted to take a picture

but there is absolutely no discreet or respectful way of doing that during communion

or after for that matter

so I am picture-less, with my dignity in-tact

in addition to the non-gluten goodness

this particular church served their coffee in real mugs

and they even let you bring them into the sanctuary

I know, these people live on the edge right?

take notes California churches, they're on to something big here!

Last week we visited the church right next to us

we literally walked up the stairs and were in the parking lot

and I had been hearing people refer to this particular church as The Castle

they weren't lying

awesome right?

they even had a trumpet player in the worship team

let me tell you, there's something special about worshipping the King of Kings when you're in a castle

Other than church adventures on Sundays 

things have been pretty quiet around here

that calendar that used to be full of activities stands pretty empty these days

and I am trying to savor every minute of it

so here's some snapshots from the last two weeks

we unpacked Aidan's soccer cleats last week

so of course, she HAD to wear them that day

and practice her soccer skills

I was feeling creative one day

so I began to create a little puppet theater from one of our moving boxes

Aidan helped

Haley tried

and by the grace of God I managed to keep my patience

but once it was all done

we had a great time performing our puppet show

performances are $3 dollars

we're booked solid through December

And, I really have no caption for this picture

except that I love this kid, and God made her beautiful

I pray for her salvation every day

She's made a new friend here

bet you can't guess why they get along so well

He's a total gentleman

And sweetly invited Aidan to the Oregon Zoo last week

I got to go too

and its now my favorite zoo on the west coast

its just beautiful

and the animals look pretty happy

I participated in

remember my fail?
i still get sad about it
anyhoo, I got matched up with Olive Oyl 
she's a sweetie
we just met and I already know it
she likes Disney, so obviously I knew how to fix the situation

and I totally stole this picture from her blog

because the disney store website decided to shut down on me today

then last week I got this

I was so excited 

check out the loot!!!

Thank you so  much Handbags*N*Pigtails

I love it!

I tried to tell you as much in a comment on your blog

but my computer's giving me major issues

so I sure hope you see this!


  1. so much fun here!

    i LOVE the mugs at church.
    we talked about doing that. but um. the one sink in the kiddy bathroom is not conducive to washing out mugs each week.
    some day. i have ceramic mug dreams for the hospitality ministry.

    i do not have gluten free dreams.
    yet. i guess the need will probably arise soon.

    i also love that you went to it because the line is shorter. ahhaah! you crack me up. move back? yes.

    the pics of aidan and her partner in crime. that's a framer. you can't stage something that cute. i love it.

    and i love that she has a little boy toy. ;) is it weird to say that?!? hahaha. hopefully not.

    and hip hooray for your fun new mug. that's a gooooood one. nice and big. and cheery! so glad it made it!

  2. Im so glad it arrived...and safely!:) I always get nervous when shipping a breakable. You just never know. Anyhoo, I hope you get lots of use out of it this winter:)